Learning is a never-ending process, it is a continuous process. Learning can not only be held in classrooms using books, but also within our surrounding environment, from movies, music, and many other things.

To inculcate moral values in grade 3 EL BINUS SCHOOL Simprug students, Ms. Zaida C. Puyo, Grade 3 Level Head Teacher, together with other teachers invited grade 3 students to watch “A Bug’s Life” movie. The movie tells a story of a smart ant named Flik, who tried to fight criminal grasshopper. Flik was ordinary ant, but greatly apt and valiant to fight evil grasshoppers.

The story of Flik and his ant colony’s life taught courage, sacrifice, communication, and the spirit of leadership to students. After watching, students were asked which moral values they think are appropriate with the movie, they later discussed it with their classmates and suggested why they think the movie embodies those values.

Children were highly enthusiastic when putting forward their opinion. Eventhough some of them did not work in groups, the students confidently gave their opinions about the impression of this movie. “An opportunity to give their opinion will form the courage to speak before public and express their deepest feelings,” said Ms. Zaida.

“Many things can be done to facilitate students’ learning. If we got bored studying in the classroom, we try studying outside. We hope the students can internalise the moral values as inculcated by IB curriculum: inquirers, principled, balanced, communicators, risk-takers, thinkers, caring, knowledgeable, open minded, and reflective. ” concluded Ms. Zaida.(IV)

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