BINUS SCHOOL Simprug recognizes the potential in every individual and encourages every member of the School`s community to pursue their personal best at every opportunity. While the School celebrates high academic, sporting and social service achievement, it also holds in high esteem those, who through dedication, commitment and endeavour, stand fast to the underlying BINUSIAN value of continuous improvement.

We believe strongly that members of our community are all achievers in their own right and all have the capacity to recognize, appreciate and explore opportunities for personal growth. In support of the BINA NUSANTARA philosophy, BINUS SCHOOL Simprug offers exciting challenges both within and outside the curriculum, where individuals and groups are supported and encouraged to excel in order to achieve their personal and collective goals.

Since our first alumni graduated in 2000, students from BINUS SCHOOL Simprug have entered and excelled in some of the best universities around the world. Twenty-two of our students have been awarded Curriculum Council of Western Australia “Certificates of Excellence” for academic excellence. The achievements of our students will continue to provide current and future students with the inspiration to perpetuate the culture of achievement that is a focus of the School.

The past years have been eventful ones for BINUS SCHOOL Simprug. Not only have we continued to excel as an IB World School, our previous and current students have done us proud by emerging as champions or runners-up in events as diverse as modern dance competitions to our signature event, BINUS Cup. This reflects our Vision, which is “a world-class community of proud and outstanding achievers”. Our achievements are characterized by five areas:

  1. academic excellence
  2. innovation and enterprise
  3. sports and fitness
  4. performing and visual arts
  5. service to the community

Check out our achievements :

1. GIN Bali Conference 2018

2. Gold medal for Scholar’s Bowl in WSC regional round

3.CNC Machine Engineering Paper Published in Scopus and Google Scholar

4.Designing and Constructing the CNC Machine for SCOPUS, ISJD and MJS

5. World Scholar’s Cup Scholar’s Bowl Medal

6. Best Delegate Mentari MUN

7. Head Organizaer of TEDxBinus

8. BYLS 2018 Best Delegate

9. WSC school top scholar

10. WSC team debate 4th place

11. Gold medal 50m freestyle in JIS

12. Helping and Interacting with Orphans in an Orphanage


14. Winning 5th Place Individual Challenge for Literature in the World Scholars Cup

15. 3rd place debate team in Morning Star Academy Cup

16.Binus soccer u-16 cup winner

17. Mentari Model United Nations Historical Committee, Most Outstanding Delegate

18. Gold medal for Individual Writing in WSC regional rounds

19. WMI Indonesian round – bronze medal

20. Juara 2 lomba menulis surat remaja nasional

21. Gold Medal in WMI Competition – Indonesia Round

22. WMI 2018 Preliminary Round- Gold Award

23. Honor Medal Writting TOC for WSC

24. Top 40% Individual Challenge for History in TOC for WSC

25. Gold DaVinci Medal from WSC Global Round

26. WSC Hanoi World Round, scholar’s bowl – silver medal

27. ISMC 2017- Silver award

28. ICAS Mathematics- High Distinction- Sliver Award

29. Honorable Mention High School MUN University of Indonesia

30. Juara 1 Usia 14 Than (KU 14 Putri) Kompetisi Bola Basket Antar Klub Wilayah Perbasi Jakarta Pusat 2017

31.Vice President for GIN BINUS Club

32.1st place debate team in Sinarmas World Academy Cup

33. 1st place SWA cup debate competition

34. Silver medal for Arts & Music scholar’s challenge in WSC regional rounds

35. Kejuaraan Nasional Indonesia KU14 2017

36. The only one school in Indonesia that participated on SDG’s Conference 2019

and many more……



















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