BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Simprug, the Overall Winner of Oxford Youth Elite 2012

BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Simprug achieved major success on the Oxford Youth Elite 2012. In the event which took place on September 9-22, 2012 at Oxford, England, BINUS was crowned as the overall winner from the competition which included British Parliamentary Debat, Persuasive Speech and Group Cultural Performance.

Oxford Youth Elite 2012 tested the competence and ability of the students, especially on their public speaking skills in front of an international audience. Moreover, students also learned about the education system and the lives of international students on the world’s education centers.

“21 BINUS students participated in this event. We believe that this is something productive for the students and it provides unforgettable experience,” explained Roscelinus Guiterrez Cahuday, BINUS counselor for Oxford Youth Elite 2012.

Do you want to know about the unique experience of your friends who participated in Oxford Youth Elite 2012? Read on:

Devira Sabrina W.R (Junior Debate)

For the debate, there are two subjects which are seniority and uniform. I got the subject of seniority, including factors of discrimination. In addition to the debate, I joined the junior team to participate in the culture performance. I felt very independent, I take care of myself, and I find my ways on the foreign country. I wasn’t stressed and I felt very happy on the two weeks that I was there. I learned new debate skills, how to debate properly and also the system. I also learned about how it felt to actually be in a debate.

Emanuel Jody Suryatna (Junior Speech)

The six of us talked about the social network, how it can change people to be better or worse. I think this is a huge challenge because the judges were also foreigners, so I was quite nervous. The speech was also longer, and not being accustomed to it, we need to talk longer too.

Before this, me and my friend studied the debate format, and did our own research. This became an unforgettable moment because I was able to learn how to be independent for the next step in my education.

Adam Wirawan (Senior Speech & Debate)

I participated in a debate about music piracy and child labor. Meanwhile, the speech topic is ‘should animal testing be banned’. Overall, it wasn’t too difficult and I was able to enjoy it. Maybe it’s because we practiced before the competition. We were also trained by Mr. Roscelinus for our speech delivery, confidence, posture and body language.

I had a lot of exciting experience, because I was in homestay. I did everything myself, from laundry to food. I even cooked by myself. Yes, it was quite difficult, but I was happy because I never had that kind of experience in Indonesia.

When it comes to food, I had my own culture shock. On my first week, I only had sandwiches, a menu I don’t even like. I need to eat rice. In the end, I often fled to Asian or Indian restaurant to get my dose of rice.

I also made friends with the British people. I know some of the guides and until now we still contact each other.

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