DIPLOMA Programme

BINUS SCHOOL Simprug established its Diploma Programme (DP) in 2007, with an initial average score which was above the world average. BINUS SCHOOL Simprug has consistently poroduced student scores above the world average for 10 years, achieving perfect DP scores of 45 out of 45 for 3 years in a row.
All DP students take six subjects, one from each of the following groups :

  • Studies in Language & Literature  (English A, Indonesian A, and Korean A)
  • Language Acquisition (English B, Indonesian B, Mandarin B and French Ab Initio)
  • Individuals & Society (Business & Management, Economics,  History, Information Technology in a  Global Society, and Psychology)
  • Experimental Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Computer Science)
  • Mathematics (Mathematics Analysis & Approaches HL/SL, Mathematics Applications & Interpretation)
  • The Arts (Visual Arts HL/SL and Theater HL/SL) or Electives

In addition to the subjects, students fulfill three core elements of The Diploma Programme. They are :
Extended Essay (EE), Theory of Knowledge (TOK) , Creativity,Action and Service (CAS)


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