Ayra Chantiqa: “Participating in the Competition is Such a Valuable Experience”

Another achievement has been made by a BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Simprug student. Ayra Chantiqa Putri Wibowo won the silver medal in the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) 2011, Mathematics Category.

“It all started when the students of my class received a letter of announcement, and I really like math, so I enlisted,” says the girl who was born on March 20, 2002.

In addition to Mathematics Category, Ayra was also listed in the Writing Category. However, according to Ayra, she made a mistake by using a somewhat “weird” punctuation mark, which made the computer failed to analyze her writing.

“I wrote the wrong punctuation mark, because I usually write exclamation marks with extra ornaments,” says the fan of Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and Katy Perry.

Since Ayra’s still a little girl, her parents had introduced her to various competitions. The long-haired girl managed to show her potential numerous times. She came out as the first winner for Accrostic competition, Best Costume for Family Week and the contest organized by E.NOPI, a Math and English Course institution.

So far, BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL has been supporting her by conducting special trainings for Ayra. This is one of the reasons why Ayra is still eager to participate in future competitions: because she has the support of her parents and her school.

“With my ability, my parents’ support and BINUS Simprug, I am determined to follow more competitions in the future,” she says. And of course, the previous competitions will provide valuable experience for her.

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