International Robot Olympiad 2011 Those Who Triumphed on International Competition

“It was really difficult,” Andrew describes his experience on the 13th International Robot Olympiad, organized at Tarumanegara University, Jakarta. He explains how they built the robot from scratch and put together even the smallest parts, how they made the program, and other activities along the way.

 Yes, Andrew Johannes Suwardi (13), Ivan Fransiga (15) and Richard Felix (12) once again have proven their ability. The three of them created a robot named “B-Bot” to compete in IRO 2011. The robot is designed to save people if a volcano eruption occurred.

“We chose this utility because we know in Indonesia there are at least 100 active volcanoes. That’s why we created B-Bot, to help if there’s an eruption,” says Andrew, who likes to cook in his spare time.

Each of them has different skills in designing robot for the competition which was held on December 15-18, 2011. Andrew’s task was to build the robot’s body. Felix had to create the wheels and posters. Meanwhile, Ivan made the robot’s hands, integrated the whole body parts and made the program.

The group which was categorized as the youngest contestants in the Challenge Category worked together and gave their best. “They came up with the idea themselves. We only provided mental support and helped them maintain their trainings,” explains Ros Maria Andesko, their teacher and advisor.

Ivan, Andrew and Felix are members of the Robotic group on BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Simprug. They have the ability and creativity needed in designing and building robots. That’s why, the school located at Simprug, South Jakarta, is providing full support for them in this international competition.

This is the first time BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Simprug participating on the international competition, which was held for the 13th time. However, they are still proud of their achievements, because they have been giving their best preparation.

“We won because we used small parts and we stick to the criteria and rules,” Felix says. The sixth grader of BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Simprug, along with Ivan and Andrew, was motivated to win the competition because they want to improve their talent, which has been their passion since they were kids. []



Richard Felix (Grade 6)
Born: Medan, September 3, 2000

Andrew Johannes Suwardi (Grade 7)
Born: Jakarta, October 22, 1999

Ivan Fransiga (Grade 8)
Born: Jakarta, November 22, 1997

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