Jordhy Fiandra Darmawan: “Focus. That’s My Key for Success”

Bright, active, and adorable – that’s PROUD’s first impression of Jordhy Fiandra Darmawan, the winner for Kindergarten level in Bogor Raya School (SBR) Interschool Spelling Bee VI, Bogor, West Java, last March 2011. Who would’ve thought, the shy kid managed to perform impressively on stage and fluently pronounced letters by letters in the competition.

Jordhy came out as the first winner. Born in January 23, 2006, the boy managed to spell 25 words with utter perfection. “Jordhy was perfect,” says Jordhy’s teacher and trainer, Ms Maricar Sanchez.

Not only his teacher, his parents also helped to train Jordhy at home. The result, even though this is his first time in the competition, the boy who wants to be a police when he grows up performed brilliantly.

The competition actually presented a number of difficult words, especially for kindergarten student who is still learning to read and write. For instance, there was the word “Kitten”, which has two identical letters.

Is it difficult for Jordhy? Hmm, the boy who likes to read admits he had no problem in the competition. The teacher supported the fact by saying that during their training sessions Jordhy had an excellent track record.

At one point, his mother and teacher had some doubts. Will Jordhy be able to remember all the words being taught? “They can read, so they can spell words. They practice writing and then spell it out. They don’t think about the pressure,” Maricar adds.

When Jordhy felt nervous, he managed to overcome it by himself. Usually, when a word is presented to him, Jordhy will close his eyes before opening them and looking up so he can concentrate. “Go slowly, dont rush, take a deep breath,” Maricar says.


Jordhy Fiandra Darmawan

Grade: EY3B
Birthday: January 23, 2006

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