Exploring the Literature World with International Literacy Festival (LitFest) 2012

On Friday (2/11), BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Simprug was filled with students of Early Years (EY/TK) to High School (HS/SMA) in characterized costumes. The inspiration for their costumes came from movies and books, along with myths, folklores and fairytales.

Literacy Festival (LitFest) is the perfect event to see the school’s focus on literacy and other related areas, such as reading, writing research, understanding and the effort of introducing internationalization and multicultural values to the students.

The festival, coordinated by English and Critical Studies Department, was themed “Myths, Folktales & Fairytales” and it included several activities, such as parade and costume competition, writing, quiz, extemporaneous speech related to the theme “Sharing the Planet”, musical performance, traditional dance, martial arts and many others.

Besides being an event to promote education and literature, in LitFest 2012 there were also a fund-raising event for the social program dedicated to those in need, which was included in the students’ Creativity, Action & Service (CAS).

They created several carnival games and Fun House arena, along with Café and photo booth. All the profit was donated to improve sanitation facilities and free medication for the community in Cijayanti Village, Sentul.

“This is a routine event which we have been organizing since 2008, and at first it was just a simple costume party which allows students to learn more about literature world. Now, the program has grown into an all-day festival in our school,” explained Donna Crook, an English Teacher BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Simprug who is also responsible for LitFest 2012.

Teachers, staff and parents also participated by wearing themed costumes in LitFest 2012.

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