The Spirit of the Red-White of the Young Generations

If we hear “young generations,” what might first cross our mind is the spirit and patriotism that blossom in every youth of this nation because young generations essentially are the symbol of a nation’s progress.

As one of the international schools with students from various countries, BINUS INTERNASIONAL SCHOOL Simprug still values nationalism. As a representation of this respect, on Friday (23/8) around 780 students of SMP and SMA BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Simprug held a celebration of the 68th year of Indonesia’s independence, by holding different traditional games and competitions, such as: sack race, marble contest, cracker-eating contest, balloon-stamping contest, tug of war and handball contest.

Under the theme “Back to the Spirit of the Red-White,” the Independence day celebrations at BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Simprug were aimed to raise awareness of nationalism amongst BINUSIANS and also the importance of knowing and respecting your own nation.

“Seeing from the unity required in a game of tug of war and other contests, we understand that we are stronger when we are united. Hopefully with the celebration of the 68th year of Indonesia’s independence, the spirit of the Red-White can also inspire the students to have the spirit of unity and to work hard in getting their goals,” said Mr. Hafidz, MYP/DP Subject Teacher for Indonesian at BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Simprug. (BM)

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