Donating Blood Save Lives

Continuing the success from the previous blood donation, Monday (7/10) the Student Leadership Council (SLC) BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Simprug for the 2nd time organized a blood donation drive, called Blood Drive 2013.

As part of the BINUS and students’ way of giving back to the community, this Blood Drive event was attended by parents, staff, teachers and also students who are qualified as donors. Seeing the enthusiasm from donor candidates, Palang Merah Indonesia prepared over than 100 blood bags for this event.

“As an IB student, every student in BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Simprug is taught and given opportunities to help, sympathize and have a sense of concern to the community by conducting social action such as these Blood Drive”, said Joshua Garin (Grade 11) who coordinated this event.

Taking place on the 2nd floor of Tower B, Joshua Garin (11HR4) also helped by his delegates– Danetta Putri (11HR4), Malvin Mahesa (11HR3), Ananda (10C), Shania (10B) and sponsored by Bank BTN.

“We often heard many times that a drop of blood can save other’s lives . We do hope that this event may useful to others in need,” closed Joshua.

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