LitFest 2013

On Friday, 1 November, there will be our Annual Literature Festival known as “LitFest” being held in school from 1.30pm to 5.30pm. LitFest is a Student- ‐run event endorsed by the School and by the Student Leadership Council (SLC). The purpose of LitFest is to continue the tradition of this event in school and to appreciate literature in unique ways. The theme for the event this year is Mythology.


This event is open for all students and parents with the following ticket prices:

  • • Event Only Rp.30,000
  • • Fun House Only Rp.20,000
  • • Event+Fun House Rp.40,000

Lineup Of Performances

  1. Culturific
  2. Adrian’s Band
  3. Dino
  4. Guitar Club
  5. Thai Martial Arts
  6. Ensemble Club
  7. Gureish’s Band
  8. Teachers’ Band
  9. MS Modern Dance
  10. Glee
  11. Funk Gang Band
  12. Calisha & Team
  13. John’s Band
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