BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Simprug Commemorates Kartini Day and National Education Day

Joy and happiness in evidence during the commemoration of Kartini Day and National Education, held by BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Simprug, held in Assembly, Wednesday, April 23. All students from the level of EY to Grade 5 participated in such a happening celebration.

Dressed in traditional attire, students were enthusiastic in participating in the event. According to Ratuu Faridah Fitria, various contests such as drawing, writing, postcard making, rhyming and information poster making were previously held. “We previously held various contests in commemorating Kartini Day and National Education Day in each class, and the winners from all levels appeared in this assembly,” said Ratuu as the head of Indonesian Department and Subject Primary Years Programme.

Various skills of students were displayed at this event, among them were delivering speeches on National Day and Kartini day, and rhyming, as well as having fashion show showcasing traditional dress from different provinces across Indonesia. The assessments of the contest were based on the level of confidence and aesthetic dress according to its traditional character.

Ratuu also added that the event was aimed at instilling students greater knowledge of Indonesian educational figures such as Kartini and Ki Hajar Dewantara. In addition, the event was also designed to promote the spirit of learning and environmental awareness, as well as developing long life learning according to PYP philosophy.

“The hope is that the children can improve their learning ability in the future, increase their sensitivity toward the environment, and have the knowledge of the development of today’s world. All in all, the most powerful weapon to win the future in education,” Ratu concluded. (FG)


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