Congratulations to students of BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Simprug for completing their 12 year of study.

As a school with a vision “to be a school that produces individuals of moral character, academic excellence and innovative leadership who inspire and contribute to local and global communities,” BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Simprug is proud to share that on Monday, June 9, it graduated 126 students. A 100% National Exam passing percentage! It was a great achievement by students and was an honor for the school and parents.

The graduation ceremony was held on the 8th floor of the Assembly Hall and was started with an opening speech by Petter M. Saidi, the headmaster of BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Simprug.

“A Moment to Leap Forward” was the event’s theme. It showcased performances by the ELECTIVE CLASS CULTURIFIC CLUB. In this ceremony, BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Simprug presented special awards to Wahyuni Ngadimin for her  Service to the community, Evandhito Armandiera for his achievement in  Sport and Fitness, Somya Astari Wirawidia in the category of Citizenship, and Stephan Wong for his Leadership.

BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Simprug also presented some awards to students with academic achievements  through the Academic Excellence  Awards. Gita Septiani Eka Putri got an award in the category of Indonesian A Literature and Yoshiko Kubo for Indonesian B. For English A &  Language & Literature subjects the awards were given to  Melicia Zaini,  while English B was given to Gita Septiani Eka Putri. Theory of Knowledge award was given to Diajeng Ayesha Soeharto. Mandarin B was awarded to Cindy Felicia and Mandarin A was presented to Kevin Dharmawangsa. Business & Management award was given to Rianka Talita Mukti and Economics was awarded to Valerie Janet Njoto. History was taken by Andrea Suhono while ITGS taken by Jesslyn Lestari Tan. For the science awards , here are the details of the achievements :  Biology and Chemistry awards were presented to Cindy Felicia, while physics award was given to Kevin Dharmawangsa. As Allya Julyan took the Sport & Science award, Yoshibo Kubo, Anastasia Clarissa Gunawan, and Karina Saphiera Witjaksono  got the  Mathematics Higher Level, Mathematics, and Mathematical Studies awards.

Other than the awards mentioned above, BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Simprug also presented awards for Top 5 Outstanding Achievers . The awards included a trophy and Widia Scholarship from BINUS UNIVERSITY. These 5 students were: Marissa Rahardja as The Third Honorable Student,  Anastasia Clarissa Gunawan as the Second Honorable  Student , and Gita Septiani Eka Putri as  The First Honorable Student.   Two special awards, Salutatorian Award Valedictorian Award, were awarded to Yoshiko Kubo and Cindy Felicia .

This graduation ceremony is not the end of the graduates’ educational journey, yet, it is  the beginning  of their journey to reach for their dreams and make  Indonesia a better place . (AL)

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