Learning and playing during childhood years are always fun. At Early Years (EY) children start  learning numbers and letters. Drawing, coloring, and joking around with their peers make school days at the EY program enjoyable. Early Years  Program at BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Simprug offers art classes  that would  promote  students’  cognitive and creative development.

After 2 wonderful years at EY program, their learning journey continues. These future generation youths will pursue higher education as a bridge to fulfill their dreams.  On Monday, (9/6) 40 EY students of BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Simprug  attended their gradution on the 8th floor of School’s Assembly Hall. The Headmaster of EY program, Mr. Petter M. Saidi, made a memorable presentation of graduates when calling them to the stage. These graduates were called one by one, accompanied by their teachers.

After the inauguration, these students will enter a different educational environment that, unlike their EY environment,  will demand  disciplines and serious study . It is hoped that their Early Years education can help them do well at the next level. (AL)



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