The Independence Day passed a while ago, but it was still celebrated at BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Simprug. The school still celebrated it from 19-22 August 2014. The school held a flag ceremony as well as traditional games that was played by all of the students.

With the theme of ‘Loving Your Country’, everyone at Simprug School celebrated the Independence Day. Students took turns to participate in the flag ceremony, that was held from Tuesday to Thursday. The flag ceremony was first had for students of grade 9-10 on Tuesday and grade 6-8. It was then held for students of grade 11-12 on Wednesday and Thursday.

As for the main event, the school held special Independence Day traditional games at 8th floor of Multipurpose Hall BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL that was played by all the students. All the students enjoyed the games such as, balap karung, lomba makan kerupuk, lomba memecahkan balon and tarik tambang.

On that day, the Multipurpose Hall turned into an arena for the students. Every student strived to be the best in the traditional games. At the lomba balap karung dan makan kerupuk, every student tried to be the fastest.

At the lomba memecahkan balon, the objective is to pop your opponent’s baloon that is tied up on his/her leg. While in the lomba tarik tambang, every class strived to be the strongest by defeating its opponents. Not only the students, the teachers also played the games. At the end, everyone looked tired yet happy.

The committee was happy and satisfied. The committee that successfully organized the traditional games was consisted of students from grade 9, 10, and 11. The school was proud of the committee, with a deadline less than one week, they were able to organize a great event.

“We were only given a week to organize this event. Surprisingly there were many other students wanted to be involved in the committee. They were so enthusiastic in organizing the event. To gain participants, we used our own way. We used the word of mouth method. We also used posters and brochures as well”, said Natalie Djuhandi, the project officer of the event.

The BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Simprug has had the Independence Day celebration since 2005. With this year’s theme of ‘Loving Your Country’, it is hoped that the students can learn to love Indonesia as a multicultural country.

“I hope this year’s Independence Day celebration can reflect ourselves, especially for kindergarten to elementary school students about the whole independence of Indonesia”, said Ratu Harida Fitria, PYP Department Head Bahasa Indonesia, BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Simprug.

At the same occasion, Hafidz, MYP Department Head – Bahasa Indonesia. BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Simprug, hoped that the event can grow people’s nationalism of Indonesia.

“This Independence Day celebration was intended for students to grow the spirit of togetherness as well as improving our life as Indonesians”, said Hafidz. (RAW)


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