Antonia Asta Gaudi, a BINUS School Simprug students makes us aware that caring for each other does not always involve giving money. Through her personal project, the 10 grade student organizeds “SHAIR for CANCER”, an event where volunteers donates hair to be formed into as wigs for cancer patients. “SHAIR” is a combination of two words, “share” and “hair”.

This event empatizes with cancer patients that are struggling to get better as well as cope with the chemotherapy, a treatment to cure cancer that makes the patient’s hair to fall out. The charity event asked for minimum hair length for 10 cm for the donation. The event itself was held on Thursday (01/22) at BINUS School Simprug.

“I got inspired by a film where the main character is suffering from cancer at a young age yet she still dreameds to attend her school’s prom. At the end of the story she receives a wig as a present so that she can still go to the prom confidently. I want other cancer patients to gain the same happiness just like in the film.

In preparing the inspiring mission, Antonia publicized the event a  few months before through social media and word of mouth. To her surprise, this social event gained a positive response from everyone at BINUS School Simprug and students, staff, teachers, and parents all participated in the charity event.

With the support from the Irwan Team Hairdesign and Anyo Indonesia Foundation, the event was a great success. “The personal project assignment is a project where every student has to contribute to others. When I heard Antonia’s idea and presented it to the school, everyone was eager to support it,” said Suryanling, Antonia’s Personal Project Supervisor. BINUS School Simprug encourages students to build their character by empathizing with the plight of others. (AL)

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