Dozens of artworks decorated the Main Lobby of 1st floor and Art Terrace of 4th floor at BINUS SCHOOL Simprug for 4 days (4-7 March 2015). For the 6th time, BINUS SCHOOL Simprug held its Visual Arts Exhibition, and for this year it adopted the title “MOSAIC” – Displaying the Creative Process and Artworks in Harmony.

This exhibition was aimed to appreciate the works of art which were created by the 12th graders since they were in the 11th grade. The exhibition of the twelfth-grader students’ artworks has been is held annually as part of an IB examination and as a graduation requirement for the DP Visual Art students. The DP Visual Art course is a two-year-period program (Grade 11-12).

The displayed artworks were amazing; not only the beauty of the artworks themselves, but also that of how the final creation was developed by students. The creators were young yet they could come up with such beautiful works of art. There were various kinds of artworks exhibited, from 2D to 3D using various mediums, from simple canvases to the application of electronic digital devices.

Mr. Raden Muhammad Ricky, the MYP-DP Visual Art Teacher, explained that this exhibition was the result of a thorough study of arts for almost two years. The learning process consisted of creative and critical thinking that led students to decide on a general theme that would be applied to a more specific theme and form. It was followed by documenting the process of analysis consisting of media explorations and techniques, correlation between the work that would be created, and the further technique by other artists or that of the background culture of the theme. The last step was the process of finally creating and finishing the art work.

Parents who attended the exhibition were apparently enthusiastic and proud of their children’s artworks. Mrs. Theresia Tan, a mother who is also the Grade 12 Parent Level Head (PLH) said, “I’m so happy and proud of what they’ve done. Year by year I’m watching their improvements and these are so remarkable.”(IV/EL)

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