Alberto Iskandar, Arvid Syakir Sastrosatomo and Benedict Prawira are three among the many BINUS SCHOOL Simprug students who achieved so much for the school. This time they contributed further to BINUS SCHOOL Simprug’s achievement by winning the debating competition at the Canisius Art, Science and Language Festival (CASANOVA) 2015 held in Kolose Kanisius Jakarta last Saturday (17/01).

The willingness to take the challenge is very important. This was exemplified by these three students. Their interest in debating moved them to participate in the competition which was approved by the school. With their passion and enthusiasm, they prepared and went on to the competition.

Alberto, Arvid, and Ben were very pleased and proud of this milestone. They managed to win the first place by defeating a number of seeded high schools (SMA) in Jakarta. They also said that for every victory they gained, it encouraged them to eye for more achievement.

Previously they have also participated in various English debating competitions. These are prestigious competitions ranging from the national scale to the international scale, such as “The World Scholar’s Cup” which was held in Singapore. These three BINUS SCHOOL Simprug students said that they really enjoy this debating contest. For them, this activity provided so much opportunity to develop their self-confidence in expressing their opinion about any issue that may be raised. (IV/EL)

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