Meet Our Little Winners!

BINUS SCHOOL Simprug should be proud and pleased to have students who have a great achievement at an early age. They are Cinta, Shanika and Luthan. They managed to win Spelling Bee Competition at Raya Bogor School on Saturday (28/02)

Cinta Nasya Safitri, from grade 2 (7 years old)

“It was my second time in Spelling Bee Competition, but this time I won the competition. I was nervous yet so happy. I wish I have this competition every week!”

Shanika Ayuri  Ismunandar, from grade 1 (6 years old)

“There are two competitions, the first is writing and the second is presentation in front of people. The competition is not difficult since I used to learn English at school”

Luthan Tabano Frindos, from grade 2 (7 years old)

“My mom, dad, and little brother accompanied me throughout the competition. I was not afraid or nervous, I was even excited. ”

So BINUSIAN, follow the story of our three little winners. Let’s get motivated!

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