BINUS SCHOOL Simprug invites second grade studentsto know more about the earth and the solar system. By cooperating with the Indonesian Young Scientists (IMI), BINUS SCHOOL Simprug presents a mobile planetarium to give opportunities for students to be able to know more about the planetarium without having to go far. Mobile planetarium is an effort to bring the mini planetarium either at school or mall so that students or parents can learn about the planetarium more practically.

Besides the opportunity to make a mobile planetarium, BINUS SCHOOL Simprug studentsalso made crafts with the themes earth’s surface, natural disasters, solar system, and layers of the earth. “Through this activity BINUS SCHOOL Simprugstudents donot just learn from the theory books, but they can learn more about the universe through the direct practice”, said Miss Lea V. Sacalamitau asthe PYP Level Head Elementary grade 2.

“I see stars, I learn about nebula, planet solar system, and it’s dark, I feel like an astronout, it’s excited”, said Nakeisha and Armand, BINUS SCHOOL Simprugsecond grade studentswho attended the mobile planetarium. The students were very enthusiastic and enjoyed what they have created themselves.

The event was attended by about 80 BINUS SCHOOL Simprug second grade studentsclosed by the practice of making water rockets. With their enthusiasm, students learned how a plastic rocket can be launched with such simple ingredients. “Hopefully, through this activity students can learn about the earth andget more experience”, Miss Lea explained. (LN)

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