BINUS School Simprug as an institutional education has contributed to Indonesian education by producing a qualified student in academic or non-academic field. This is proven by Tania Shannon, a 10th-grader student who has a noble goal. She changed magically the school hall in the 8th floor of BINUS School Simprug into a luxurious dining room for Beyond the Pink Dinner event.

Beyond the Pink Dinner was a dinner party held at the hall of BINUS School Simprug on Friday (13/2). This event was purposed to raise funds for breast cancer patients. Inspired by one of her relatives who had been diagnosed with a breast cancer, Tania – guided by Budi Wijaya Sutianto as the Personal Project teacher and supported by 30 students of grade 9 – was successful in making this event.

Tania also invited Samantha Barbara, one of the survivors of breast cancer. Samantha has been actively supporting and socializing the importance of breast cancer’s early detection to schools and companies. She said this was needed to prevent knowing to have a breast cancer in the advanced stage. Moreover, she gave plenty of information about breast cancer, from the symptoms to the treatments.

Charging Rp 150,000, Tania invited the guests and sponsor to participate in this event. The profit from Beyond the Pink Dinner would be donated to cancer patients who couldn’t afford their treatments at Rumah Sakit Cipto Mangunkusumo (Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital) and Yayasan Kanker Indonesia (Indonesian Cancer Foundation). For Tania herself, this event was a form of support to those needy people, especially the warriors and survivors of breast cancer, along with their family.

Through this event, “Proud BINUSIANS” in BINUS School Simprug are always inspired by students who don’t only develop academically, but they also improve their personal potentials. This event showed the sense of caring others, leadership skills and responsibility. (LN)

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