Active activities for Early Year (EY) students are necessary to their mental and physical development. By learning from many kinds of extra activities, EY students could do their hobbies and develop their talents.

One of the elective classes provided for EY students is ballet. This elective class does practice every Friday at noon with 20 students of EY, grade 2 and 3, joining that class. There EY students could express their likeness towards ballet. “Besides learning the ballet techniques, here the students also learn to have good postures, great confidence, and discipline,” Miss Ferida, as the supervisor of ballet elective class explained.

Every year these EY ballerinas always take part to perform in many shows – internally or externally from BINUS School Simprug. Through the performances, hopefully the EY students could develop their motor skills, learn to be confident performers, and learn to be discipline. (LN)

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