Aside from academic lessons inside classroom, non-academic lessons are also important for children’s growth and development. Children need to be given an opportunity to develop their talents and skills. BINUS SCHOOL Simprug, as an educational institution pays big attention on that matter. One of the solutions is providing various elective classes that students could choose according to their want and need.

The favorite elective class of Elementary Year (EY) students is cooking class. There students are introduced with healthy diets and taught how to cook – starting from main course to dessert from all over the world. To ensure the children have an appropriate lesson, BINUS SCHOOL Simprug cooperates with Junior Chef to manage this class.

“Safety first,” Miss Riana said as the supervisor of the cooking class. She’d like to point out that safety while cooking is always the priority in teaching children. Parents need no worry about their children’s safety in the cooking class. Twenty students joining this class practice every Friday on the second floor cafeteria of BINUS School Simprug. Through this elective class, hopefully students of EY and EL could always do their hobby and show their skills in culinary since the early age. (LN)

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