Water has been the source of life since million years ago. Without water, all creatures – humans, animals and plants – couldn’t continue their life and eventually a civilization could be destroyed.

Understanding the importance of water for living creatures, BINUS SCHOOL Simprug held “Water World at BINUS Simprug” on Wednesday (25/3). Through this event, BINUS SCHOOL Simprug invited students to care about their surroundings, specifically water. There the students were informed about water knowledge, starting from the explanation about water, the use, the amount in earth, to the problems related to water and the solutions.

This event was held for three days and began with water sampling at Ancol. It was done for analyzing the differences of water between one neighborhood and another. The next day, there was a seminar of “Water is the Source of Life” presented by Wahana Lingkungan Hidup (WALHI) which discussed further about water. They argued that even though water was crucial for human life, humans sometimes did not really care about the water condition today. The seminar opened with a water magic show. “Water is the fundamental right of each human; there’s nothing should block humans to get access to clean water,” Edo – one of the WALHI speakers – said.

Other activities involved grade 7 students, like making biopori holes to solve problems of water. “Biopori holes are beneficial to save environment,” Ponco, another speaker of WALHI, mentioned.

All knowledge about water that the students received for three days would be applied in their final project: making a museum exhibition as the collaboration of Science and Design. “This activity is a continuous thing to give a complete understanding of water, like the definition of water, the importance of water for life, and problems threatening water, also the ways to face those problems,” Ros Maria Andesko, the Science Lab Assistant of BINUS SCHOOL Simprug, explained.

The event of Water World at BINUS Simprug aims for students getting comprehension about people’s dependency to clean water. After that, students are expected to learn the methods of water analysis and water treatment. Finally, they could use the knowledge and research to create a physical model about the method of water treatment. (AS)

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