Learning martial arts help Early Years students (EY) have many benefits to children, such as self-defense, discipline, and character development. Through elective class of Taekwondo, BINUS SCHOOL Simprug introduces a form of martial arts from Korea to PROUD Readers.

Taekwondo, a martial art that is known with its kicking techniques, is available as an elective class at BINUS SCHOOL Simprug. Every Friday as many as 25 EY students join this elective class. The class that starts at 12.30 is not only about learning various kicking techniques, but also teaches students about discipline, ethics, and to have a fighting spirit.

“We want to make the students of Taekwondo elective class to have a healthy body as well as introducing martial arts in a fun and creative way,” said Faisal Meiji as the Taekwondo instructor. Through fun and creative training sessions, BINUS SCHOOL Simprug aims to produce characters of PROUD Readers that are not only skillful in Taekwondo, but also as characters that are strong both physically and mentally. (LN)

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