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Nothing brings more happiness for an educational institution than to see its students and alumni to be successful. It even brings more happiness to know that the success of the students is influenced by the experience in learning in that educational institution. Tara Priscilla Ogilvie, S.H. is one of the many alumni that makes BINUS SCHOOL Simprug really proud of its students.

Tara is an alumnus of BINUS SCHOOL Simprug graduated in 2011. After graduating, she decided to choose law as her major. She continued her study at Faculty of Law of University of Indonesia. In February 2015, Tara graduated with Cum Laude (with Honors) from UI.

Ever since she was little she was always passionate about law. Her interest at law was started when she saw an unfair trial in Indonesia, in which it made her promise to keep being idealistic and to become a diligent and smart lawyer. Tara’s mother is also a Bachelor of Law, yet her mother chose to pursue her career in fashion, a passion that Tara also had wanted to pursue if her mother chose differently. From there, Tara then chose to have a career in law as her future.

In one occasion Tara told the BINUS Media & Publishing staff, that she was really grateful to be a part of BINUS SCHOOL Simprug. She said that she learned so many things from the school that helped her to be successful as she was today. Tara also mentioned that the education at BINUS SCHOOL Simprug made her more prepared. “I feel that IB program and the subjects given are assignments that need to be done comprehensively. An essay, is a very valuable lesson to prepare for university life, before there was no yes or no questions or multiple choice question on exams at UI. Reading a book is an essential thing and listening to lecturers is also a crucial thing at UI; these were the things that I learned during my study at BINUS in my journey to earn an IB Diploma,” said Tara.

“Of course, especially in things such as writing comprehensive and structured essays in a short time when doing exams or assignment, as well as reading and listening to lectures are essential and crucial in which I had been doing them at BINUS before I came to the university. Bilingual Diploma Award that I received from BINUS also made it easier for me in many things, for example, when I applied for Exchange Student Program to Leiden University in Netherlands, I did not have to take TOEFL or IELTS since the diploma certified my skill in speaking English,” said Tara when she was asked about what benefits she got from studying at BINUS SCHOOL Simprug.

A day after graduating from UI, she was immediately offered with so many job offers from various top law firms in Indonesia. Tara is currently building her career as a partner, the highest position in a law firm. “I also want to make a difference for this country with my expertise,” said Tara. Tara’s success story is a pride of BINUS SCHOOL Simprug. Tara is one of the many students of BINUS SCHOOL Simprug with outstanding achievements while building the reputation of BINUS SCHOOL Simprug. BINUS SCHOOL Simprug hopes that it will keep producing successful students to serve the country and make the world a better place. (IV)

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