There are so many things that children need to learn during their school years. Some of these things are academics, talents and interest, and ethics. As an educational institution, BINUS SCHOOL Simprug puts a great attention on the growth of its students, since the school is producing future leaders. BINUS SCHOOL Simprug also hopes that its students will become leaders that are social and helpful to the community.

In order to teach its students about social responsibility, BINUS SCHOOL Simprug held a charity event in Sinabung, North Sumatera. This charity event was an unforgettable moment, especially for twenty students of grade 11. The charity was started by raising funds donated by students, teachers, and the students’ parents. Some students that were involved even gave lessons about school subjects to the victims of Mt. Sinabung. They also learned how to cook for the victims of Mt. Sinabung, which improved their sense of being social, since they were experiencing it firsthand.

“By doing various processes to achieve a goal, students will then value the significance of process, because a good learning is a learning that values process,” said Ms. Bertyna Kristinawaty as the school’s Christian teacher. For her, PROUD Readers are future leaders. A good leader is a leader that understands the importance of process as well as having an empathy for the nation and the community. Through this charity event, it is hoped that the students can have a high social empathy. By having a good social experience, it will influence the future of PROUD Readers to become future leaders that are social and helpful to the community. (LN)

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