Being active during Early Years (EY) may support students’ growth both physically and mentally. BINUS SCHOOL Simprug through a Let’s Dance elective class invites students of EY 2 and 3 to learn to dance early to improve their creativity and arts of PROUD Readers.

The Let’s Dance elective class is one of the elective classes in dancing that asks PROUD Readers to explore various dancing moves, and to appreciate all kinds of cultures through dancing. This elective class that starts every Friday at 12.00 is followed by around 20 students of EY 2-3. The aim of this elective class is so that PROUD Readers may perform well at internal or external school events, BINUS SCHOOL Simprug also encourages EY to have a sense of competitiveness as well.

“Through the Let’s Dance elective class, we want to make PROUD Readers to be confident even since in their EY, so that they can express themselves freely in dancing,” said Ms. Murti as a trainer of Let’s Dance. In this Let’s Dance elective class, students are trained basic traditional and modern dancing.

By learning to be committed to be present in every meeting and practice, it is hoped that the students of the elective class may learn to have a sense of responsibility. It is also hoped that through dancing students can train their motor skills. (LN)

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