BINUS SCHOOL Simprug always tries to create graduates who have mindsets and attitudes that look towards the future. As an IB curriculum-based school, BINUS SCHOOL Simprug would like to build critical-minded and reflective-thinking students. Therefore, students of Middle Year Program (MYP) grade 10 are required to do the Personal Project as a requirement to graduate from the IB programme.

The Personal Project (PP) is a long-term project which takes about 6-8 months. PP is designed for 153 students of MYP could perform various skills and apply knowledge they have learned during their school life. The students can choose freely from any topic, and then they should create something which would useful for  the community.

During the process of making the PP, the students are guided by teachers for 6-8 months. The PP aims to grow the spirit of innovation of Grade 10 students. “It is also a celebration of students for their struggle in the journey at the end of the Middle Years Programme,” Roscelinus Gutierrez Cahuday (Linus), the coordinator of Personal Project, said.

Mr. Linus hopes that through this PP, students can learn from their project they made and get more real-world experience, not only improving their skills, but also developing new perspectives of the world and later change to be able to change it themselves. (LN/RGC)


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