Happy National Education Day!

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Happy National Education Day!

Every 2 May we celebrate the National Education Day for not only recalling Ki Hajar Dewantara, but also for reminding us about how important education is.

Here are some comments from BINUS SCHOOL Simprug’s teachers about education in Indonesia:

Miss Ellie Ruslim: College Counselor BINUS SCHOOL Simprug

Education is not only limited to pouring knowledge as much as possible to children. Education becomes meaningful if a child grows into an individual who loves to study, could think independently and be useful not only for himself/herself or family, but also for society and country.

Miss Tanti Nur Fajri: PYP Music Head/Teacher

Education does matter to make children independent in the future, so they could compete with the others. Education Day is a day where we recognize the importance of education and we should think deeper about it.

Miss Monica Arioko H.T: DP Chemistry BINUS SCHOOL Simprug

Education is not only giving academic knowledge, but also educating moral and ethics. It is resulted in students who are smart and also have characters. For me, character is important; I hope students could excel in their study but still care about honesty. Education Day, in my opinion, is the day when Indonesian people celebrate the father of education – Ki Hajar Dewantara who’s famous with “Tut Wuri Handayani” motto. On this day we should give more respect to the education heroes in the past.

Hope you get more inspired! (IV)

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