“Having a high social awareness and able to help each other is the purpose of the elective class Teen2Kids,” said Andreas Saptono as the supervisor of Teen2Kids. For him, the activity of this elective class could create character of the students with a high social spirit.

Teen2Kids is an elective class attended by the students of Middle Years Program (MYP). The Elective class, which is active every Wednesday, is inviting PROUD Readers to be directly involved in educating the children who are less fortunate in the area around BINUS SCHOOL Simprug.
On Wednesday (29/4), children aged 4 to 6 years old from Simprug’s neighborhood were introduced about nutritious foods. According to Andreas, children who are students need nutritions to support their growth; that’s why Teen2Kids also cooperate with Healthy Kids to introduce and to serve healthy and nutritious food for children around Simprug who are less fortunate.

Not only invited for teaching children in low-economic condition, but the MYP students – about 30 people also learned about planning, action, and evaluation about the activities carried out. Besides teaching, they could also hold other social activities. “I’ve got a lot of experience, it’s very interesting, and I hope the less fortunate children could get a better education” said Christoper Foead as the Leader of Teen2Kids grade 11.

Giving does not only in the form of material. Let’s share our knowledge and energy for those less fortunate, PROUD Readers. (LN)

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