As an international-based institution, BINUS SCHOOL Simprug always prepares its graduates to be able to compete in the global level. Based on International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, the entire student activities are ensured to meet the international standard. With all of those capabilities, BINUS SCHOOL Simprug students are targeted by The University of Edinburgh UK for prospective students.

The University of Edinburgh UK was in the 17th rank of the world in the period 2013-2014, and it is also included as one of the best universities in UK equivalent to Cambridge and Oxford University. “We want all the graduates of BINUS SCHOOL Simprug could enter into world-class universities, equal to the quality of IB graduates,”said Ellie Ruslim, the College Counselor for BINUS SCHOOL Simprug.

“Edinburgh is a beautiful place with a broad connections, Edinburgh is one of my destination,” said Mourezky Deranto, a grade-10 student. For Mourezky and his friends, Edinburgh is one of the universities that could become a place for channeling their interests in the major they pursue.

Throughout the info session, BINUS SCHOOL Simprug students were given a direct guidance from the representative of Edinburgh, Jenny Thacker – the International Recruitment Officers of South East Asia. They were briefed about the campus environment, student’s life, courses offered, and the future prospects of Edinburgh graduates. The students then could ask questions to Jenny.

More than hundreds of renowned universities in the world have looked at BINUS SCHOOL Simprug as a partner whose quality of the graduates is very satisfying. A series of renowned excellent universities from Asia, Australia, Europe, and America always attend every year to re-invite BINUS SCHOOL Simprug graduates to continue their education that are equally focused on the international level. (LN/ER)

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