Social activity is an activity for developing our social awareness to others. Yet, social activity is often seen as unattractive and boring. BINUS SCHOOL Simprug is trying to break that myth with the elective class Buku Berjalan which is intended to foster the MYP student’s sense of social in a unique and fun way.

Buku Berjalan is an elective class which is attended by the Middle Years Program (MYP) student grade 6-11. Buku Berjalan invites PROUD Readers to be capable of sharing with the elementary school children through learning activities which are exciting, with innovative way of delivering lessons “Fun and interesting, and we have a team which could collaborate well”, said Natalie Djuhandi, grade-11 student who has joined Buku Berjalan for 2 years. For Natalie, the most impressive experience was when a child gave her flower as gratitude. “That really gives me spirit for sharing,” Natalie explained.

“The involved MYP students don’t simply teach, but also study and increase skills in planning of the work program, even they are here learning to blend with all circles,”said Suryaling as the Supervisor of English for Fun. She hoped that through Buku Berjalan elective class, graduates of BINUS SCHOOL Simprug have a high social awareness and do not differentiate the social status.

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