Educating children to understand how important it is to share and care more about the environment is needed for social life. This was what exactly the Grade 4 teachers of Binus School, Simprug did when they, together with the students, organized a Garage Sale.

The Garage Sale was a charity event under the PYP transdisciplinary theme “Sharing the planet.” The students brought slightly used items such as toys, accessories, books, etc. and sold them at very low prices. Whatever amount will be collected will be donated to Yayasan Onkologi Anak Indonesia (YOAI), a foundation that supports children diagnosed with cancer.


What they say about Sharing the Planet Garage Sale?

Lastri Kisnarto, Public Relation staff of YOAI.
“I really thank BINUS SCHOOL, Simprug for being caring and for choosing our foundation. I’m proud for the passion of the 4th grade students to share with others.”

Rashel, a student from Class 4B
“Happy, excited, there are a lot of people! We learnt how to sell and we are happy to be able to help the children with cancer.”

Jasmine, a student from Class 4B
“Really interested, we can have fun and do charity at the same time”

By letting the children know it is important to share with others, as well as to learn recycling at an early age, BINUS SCHOOL Simprug is trying to create young generation who care for the people around them and also the environment. (LN/CT/RD)


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