Elective class is one of the options from positive activities that could be chosen by PROUD Readers. Through the elective class, we could learn many new things to improve ourselves, take for an example, the elective class basket at BINUS SCHOOL Simprug.

Elective class basket has 40 members of grade 10 and grade 11. It is one of the most favorite sports elective classes. In order to sharpen up basketball skills, in this elective class, students also learn to work in team and other supporting factors.

Here are some people’s opinions about elective class basket:

Ananda Arnur Wibowo
“I’ve learned many things from this elective class – from teamwork, collaboration, commitment, to knowing my friends’ characters.”

Maldini Efrat Samuel
“Here we’re also taught to always be low profile and able to become a pro basketball player.”

Other than learning physical education, PROUD Readers would also learn new things to improve self-quality. Let’s spend our time with positive things. By doing sports we don’t only keep our health, but our mind will also be fresh and more creative. (LN)

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