BINA NUSANTARA participates in The 46th Jakarta Highland Festival and Gathering

As an international educational institution, BINA NUSANTARA participates in developing the international community. Through BINUS SCHOOL Simprug, BINUS SCHOOL Serpong, BINUS NORTHUMBRIA School of Design (BNSD), and BINUS ASO School of Engineering (BASE), BINA NUSANTARA joined The 46th Jakarta Highland Festival and Gathering.

The 46th Jakarta Highland Festival and Gathering is an event held annually by Scotland expatriates living in Indonesia. This activity previously was only limited to their community, but then it developed into a gathering which performs various cultures of the world. People who come to this event also originated from many countries.

The presence of BINA NUSANTARA in this event was to introduce the levels of education they have as well as to participate in the festival. BINA NUSANTARA presented many unique activities for children, such as guinea-pig games, nail art, tattooing, and logical games. Modern children often spend their time in malls, but there they looked happy playing in BINA NUSANTARA’s stand.

Having participated in this event for three years in a row, BINA NUSANTARA has been acknowledged as part of international community in Indonesia. The presence of BINA NUSANTARA as an educational institution proves that studying is not only done in classrooms, but also outside with many activities attractive for children. This also becomes the commitment of BINA NUSANTARA to improve our country through education, including to expatriate community residing in Indonesia. (IV)

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