“I hope that all of you can become an inventor that can create a lot of new and useful things,” said Erdolfo Lardizabal, DP Coordinator and Head of Science who was present as speaker of the Guest Speaker session on Tuesday (19/5), at 10 a.m. Presenting a theme of “Inventions”, Mr. E invited grade 3 students of Primary Years Programme (PYP) to make the acquaintance of basic physics and mechanical engineering.

Guest Speaker session is a regular activity held by BINUS SCHOOL Simprug by way of inviting sources or speakers with the purpose of sharing new insights to PYP students. By way of inviting Mr. E, who is also DP Coordinator, students were taught science and mechanical engineering which not only followed PYP’s outline, but also utilized fun and interesting ways. The science of disfraction, reflection, aerodynamic, resonance, and simple machine was delivered through a variety of unique practices and interesting videos to grade 3 students so that they could easily understand.

Through this class, Mr. E sought to grow a mindset in his student that science is not difficult and science does not belong to the ‘geek’ alone. “Science is fun and everyone can easily learn about it,” stated Mr. E.

Students attending the class were excited too, they actively posed questions and participated in experiments. “I was very interested in the explanation of aircraft, using a pingpong ball and hairdryer was very interesting, Mr. E made me want to learn more about it,” said Jordi, grade 3 PYP students who attended the session. Another student, Michelle, expressed quite the same excitement, “I learnt many new things, I liked the discussion about optics, and it made me love doing new experiments.”

By studying basic physical science since an early age, PROUD Readers would have a different mindset, creating various new things can raise our creativity.

See you at the next class!

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