Not only focuses on core academic subjects, International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum also supports the development of students’ talents and interests in Arts including Music subject. BINUS SCHOOL Simprug, as an educational institution based on IB curriculum, offers 8 subjects that could be taken by Middle Years Programme (MYP) students, one of which being music.

Music Recital had been a regular yearly activity for music students since 2005. However it was held for selected and chosen students only, mostly as part of co-curricular activity for music. Since 2013, it has been part of the curriculum in music subject, so each music student from Grades 6 to 10 has to present what they have been learning at the end of each semester.

From May 11th, to 21st, Music Department held the Music Recitals per grade level during the Artpreciation Week. One of the music recitals highlighted here is Grade 9 Music Recital scheduled in May 13th, 2015. Bearing a theme of “Own Romantic Composition”, the music recital featured 15 grade-9 MYP students performing their own compositions. Started working for the composition task since January, they finalized their composition by the end of March before practicing with their team depends of their composition format till D-Day.

Their works were performed in front of parents and friends in form of duo, trio and quartet. “The music recital is a prerequisite for their progress and held every semester,” said Herry Rajasa B.MusEd., M.A. as the MYP-DP Music Subject Head. He trusts that by being held regularly music recital would improve both children, parents and school community’s appreciation towards music, and most important enable students to bring out their best in preparing their music skills to go to the next level.

“I am very interested in this recital. Besides, all of my hard work was completely paid off through the recital,” expressed Jordi Putra, grade-9 MYP students who participated in this musical recital. Music has infinite beauty. With music, students did not only present beauty to audience, but also filled themselves with joy.

Upcoming recitals can be attended throughout this week and the week after. Look forward to BINUS students’ next performances! (LN/HR)

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