Having a good achievement in academic or non-academic field is one of the achievements needed by PROUD Readers. But all good achievements should also be useful for society. Looking at that, BINUS SCHOOL Simprug keeps trying to improve social awareness of PROUD Readers through Social Engagement Seminar.

Social Engagement Seminar aimed at cultivating the desire to care the community and participate in developing the community. Therefore, this seminar also discussed social issues that the world is facing today, for instance, the increasing number of poverty and school dropouts . Held on Monday (May 4,2015), this seminar was presented by Veronica Colondam as the speaker. She is the founder and CEO of Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa (YCAB) who is active in moving the community to contribute through social engagement activities.

Through direct sharing from Veronica, grade 8 students of BINUS SCHOOL Simprug are expected to have high social awareness and willingness to get involved in social activities in the future. “Hopefully this event will inspire and encourage students more to contribute to the surrounding community who are in need. In addition to it, students realize more of their role as the agents of change,” said Elisabeth Tan Yanti as the coordinator of the Social Engagement Seminar.

Excelling in academic achievement and character development is a must for Proud Readers. Having both aspects in themselves will definitely help Proud Readers bring changes in Indonesian society. (LN)


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