Finishing the Diploma Programme (DP) is the final target for our Binus Schoool Simprug Class of 2015. This batch did not just go through the exhaustive completion of all requirements of the 2 year pre-university course, but they also went through in passing the rigorous 3-week final academic examinations to become qualified graduates. Fortunately, everything went well as the students finally attended their Graduation Ceremony in BINUS SCHOOL Simprug which was held last Tuesday, 9 June 2015, at the school’s 8th Floor Hall. The number of attendees in the graduation rites is 100% where top achievers were honored for their academic performance and diplomas were likewise awarded.

The Class of 2015 Graduation Ceremony in BINUS SCHOOL Simprug also highlighted the school’s appreciation to the support given by the teachers and parents to the students. “Your school times starting from Early Years (EY) to Middle School (MS) to High School (HS) are memorable – filled with lots of laughter, both happy and sad. Congratulations to all of you! Be proud of becoming graduates of BINUS SCHOOL Simprug,” said Peter Matthew Saidi, the Principal of BINUS SCHOOL Simprug.

The hall of BINUS SCHOOL Simprug was filled with 111 graduates who were accompanied by their parents, teachers, and other invited guests. It was one cheerful but emotional event most especially when the teachers sang “Seasons of Love” to the audience.

For the closing, the top student among the graduates who achieved a score of 44 out of 45, Dhanika Isvara Kamaruddin, expressed her gratitude in her speech. “Congratulations to all of us, this achievement happened because of you my friends, our teachers, and parents. After this graduation, we are ready to play the game of life,” said Dhanika.

Keep on moving forward Batch 2015. The Journey in Binus School Simprug has ended but you are now about to start a new chapter of your education in the new world! (LN)


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