BINUS SCHOOL Simprug which follows the IB curriculum teaches its students to be world class citizens. Along with academics, there is a lot of emphasis on cultivating good character and allow the students to become good citizens for their country. Since, our young students are the future of our country and the world, it is important for them to know, what makes a good leader and how to make good policies. To support this, BINUS SCHOOL Simprug organized a ‘Politicians Tea Party’ on Wednesday (10/6) fromat 12.10-14.00. This event was part of the Grade 4’s learning about the types of government and the role of citizens.

Politicians Tea Party allowed the fourth graders to know about the world leaders and act like them. Some of the leaders present during the event were Soeharto (Indonesia), Napoleon Bonaparte (France), George Washington (USA), etc.

“I feel excited that I can play the role of Napoleon, and it’s not too hard because I have learned about Napoleon seriously,” said Jordy, one of the participants of Politician Tea Party whose role was to play Napoleon Bonaparte, the Frenchman.

In the Tea Party, there were 19 students of class 4D who played as various world leaders. They gave a speech introducing themselves, explaining their achievements and what makes them a good leader. This presentation was made before their parents and peers. After each speech, the audience were allowed to ask questions form the world leaders. This activity gave the students an opportunity to research about world leaders and to learn and get inspired from their lives. “I hope, the children can know the struggle/sacrifices which the heroes/leaders have made and can learn from these role models to make this world a better place to live in,” Ms. Priyanka, the Homeroom Teacher of 4D . (LN)

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