Before the mid long holiday, Diving Club BINUS School Simprug had a chance to enjoy the beauty of the underwater in Derawan Island. This trip involved ten students, two alumni, and a teacher starting from Friday (12/6) to Tuesday (16/6).

Derawan was chosen by the Diving Club for its magnificent diversity of marine life, easy access, and the safety for divers. There the team swam with millions of beautiful sea creatures, especially the extraordinary stingless jellyfish. There is no poison on the jellyfish, and they could only be found in Indonesia and Pacific Ocean.

Aside from having fun in Derawan, each student also learned some useful lessons like natural resources, how to survive in the nature, time management, responsibility, following directions and team work.

Another precious thing the club has is the sense of family. Two of the alumni, Anthony Alvin and Clarence Sutardja, who have joined Diving Club since 2011 and at the present, are studying abroad, also participated in this trip. Anthony is studying in Michigan, USA while Clarence in New Zealand. They said it was enjoyable having a trip with their juniors to Derawan Island which actually they had been there before. “There’s always a story in every trip,” said Anthony.

In the future, Diving Club would like to do more for its members – not only learning the diversity of marine life, but also having self-development and character building programs. (IV)




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