Students of BINUS SCHOOL Simprug made, once again, an achievement. This time BINUS SCHOOL Simprug students’ achievement was contributed by Ruben Alexander Megantara, Chiara Amanda Santoso, and Radhiyya Radisyata Harimurti who recently earned gold medal at the Singapore and Asian School Math Olympiad (SASMO) 2015.

They earned the medal after defeating another 5,000 Indonesian students. Along with these three gold medal winners, there were also Taj-Attariq Topobroto, Edbert Eugene Handjaja, and Prayoga Pratama Liong who earned bronze medal.

SASMO has been held regularly in Singapore since 2006, being one of the largest Mathematical Olympiads in the Asian region. SASMO has expanded the competition to provide an international platform for students from Primary 2 to Secondary 3 (Year 2 to Year 9), with differentiated question papers for every year level (total of 8 year levels). SASMO is devoted and dedicated to bringing a love for Maths to students. Simultaneously, these competitions are also held in various other countries, such as Britain, Bulgaria, Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam. The total number of participants from around the world has reached 30,000 students this year. Chiara stood in the 234th position of the world ranking.

The three winning students looked very happy holding their trophy and certificate of victory. They recounted that the competition was fairly difficult because they were required to write down solutions for math problems. And then the winners are invited to attend a special SIMOC event for top scorers in August.

Hopefully, the victory will motivate more students to be brave enough to compete and make more achievements. Proud Readers, Proud Achievers!



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