Nowadays, at a time when a big number of international schools springs up, many parents and children wonder why having an international-school education is so important. Many also wonders, “what are the advantages of international schools if compared to regular schools?”, “What is the curriculum and learning process like in an international school?”, “How much do international school students differ from the ones studying in a regular school?”, followed by a series of other questions.

As a matter of fact, there are many fundamental differences between international schools and regular ones. The differences are not only the usage of English as the daily language of communication and the foreign teachers. However, it is the international experience and way of thinking that have become key differences between international and regular schools.

As one of international schools, BINUS SCHOOL Simprug, by means of the International Baccalaureate (IB) educational system, earnestly assure every student to have international experience and way of thinking. The students are taught based on modern teaching methods, in accordance with the current development as well as international standards.

In contrast to the conventional education system that requires students to master all areas of subject, IB education system which is implemented by BINUS SCHOOL Simprug allows every student to develop interests and talents in certain fields.

The lessons given by BINUS SCHOOL Simprug to students of primary years (3-12 years) are different from regular schools. Primary years students have the opportunity to study Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Music, Drama, Visual Arts, Personal and Social Education, and Physical Education. All of these lessons are delivered in English by competent teachers who passed the standardized IB test.

Taught by teachers who passed the standardized IB test, students are certainly in their safe hands during the process of acquiring all the knowledge they need in their age. BINUS SCHOOL Simprug opens greater opportunities for students to learn outside the classroom, BINUS SCHOOL Simprug also regularly holds immersion programmes at home and abroad as well as visits to cultural centers with exciting learning.

IB education system ensures that the students learn according to their age, without feeling under pressure. Students are encouraged to use their reasoning during the learning process, this method is expected to provoke a sense of curiosity in them. Additionally, international standards stimulate students to develop an international way of thinking. Therefore, BINUS SCHOOL Simprug students’ competences are parallel to other students from developed countries.

Moreover, children aged between 3-12 years, who go on a period of first-time learning and getting to know the world, are educated based on IB system into active children who cares about environment. They are taught to express themselves, organize themselves, understand the way the world works, and share with other human beings. (IV)



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