What a big achievement! In 2015 BINUS SCHOOL Simprug successfully received higher score of IB (International Baccalaureate) than other IB-curriculum schools around the world. The average score on the IB of BINUS SCHOOL Simprug is 33, beating the score 30.21 of other schools. This significant gap confirms BINUS SCHOOL Simprug as one of the greatest achievers among IB schools.

IB curriculum is one of the best in the world. The majority of elite schools around the globe use this curriculum. This achievement also proves that the graduates of BINUS SCHOOL Simprug are equal with the graduates from other schools in developed countries.

Moreover, there is another pride from BINUS SCHOOL Simprug’s graduates. One of them accomplished the highest IB score: 45! It is fascinating Indonesia could be the best.

Certainly we know, to get to this point there were many struggle and efforts from all teachers and students of BINUS SCHOOL Simprug. Their hard work created synergy leading to success.

In the following years, may BINUS SCHOOL Simprug accomplish more and become one of the best. Not only the best in Indonesia, but also in the world. (IV)

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