“See Me:” , Music & Lyric by Clarence Gonzales. ANAK MILENIUM THEME SONG

When a boy becomes a warrior
and the wind becomes a storm
He has in him a hurricane
It’s there. It’s taking form
He must answer his calling
And let his voice ring

Chorus : See me.
See all that I can be
They’ll never know just who I am
And find the god in me
See me.
See all that i can be
The world will know just who I am
and find the god in me.

When a girl becomes a leader
Her spark becomes a flame
she will have a raging fire
her birth right she will claim
she has the power of creation
it’s there. it’s in her hand
together with the nation
she must take a stand

The children of the millennium
Will lead us to the light
They believe their hearts will guide them
To fight for what is right
They’re not just breaking boundaries now
Their world will be reborn

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