Helena & Amanda Meet President of Singapore Dr.Tan

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Meet Helena & Amanda from Grade 11. They did presentation in front of all delegates as well as President of Singapore,dr. Tony Tan at Hwa Chong Asian Young Leaders Summit (HC-AYLS)

Indonesia was given the topic, “Environment: The Cry of the Earth”, which touches on the topic of how augmenting economic growth has led to horrendous impacts on our environment.

The Summit took the form of a forum for promising Asian student leaders who clearly demonstrated a commitment to serving society. The project was initiated by the invitation of the most outstanding young leaders from China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and from Indonesia, BINUS SCHOOL Simprug were selected to attend this forum. Our two students bonded over various activities and they also got the chance to learn about each other’s cultures during the cultural exhibition and cultural performances.

“HC APYLS has enabled me to grow into a more open-minded individual with the realization that the presence of diversity does not create barriers but instead, has the ability to bring individuals as one. Thank you Hwa Chong institution, the facilitators, delegates, everyone involved and BINUS School for this incredible opportunity. It has taught me that, as a young student, to make an impact in our world today. I am confident that the lessons that I have learned, friendships that I have made and the unforgettable experiences I have been through, has played and will continue to play a significant role in my development as a young leader in our society ” said Helena.

Congratulations Helena & Amanda. You makes us proud !

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