” Working in a Real Workplace “


                                                   Working in a Real Workplace

” Working in a Real Workplace, is a unique program that aims to give our 10-grader students an opportunity to learn more about a particular industry or field. It is unique because, it is only can be happened when there are collaborations in the Binusian Community.

Definitely, it will be difficult to find companies that allow the 10-graders students to intern into their companies, if it is not resourced from  our Parents and our fellow from Binus University’s Career Center , with the help of  Mr.Judi Arto.Really much appreciated the opportunities provided.I believed this “ Working in a Real Workplace” program has benefited the student participants a lot.

This Initiative came across my head when I realized that many of the senior year students (the12 grader) are still confused in deciding their future fields.Beside to know deeper and to experience the working environment, this program is also supporting the School in implementing the “ 3R “ that the School Principal, Mr. Peter M Saidi has promoted. The  “3R” means to be Respectful, Readiness and Resilience. Students also can bring up this activity as their topic when they write an Essay for their application to the University.

I’m really looking forward to have this program can run continuously in the future “.

( by Ms. Riniwati Yakaria, Leader of BINUS SCHOOL Simprug Internship Program )

This programme also not happening in many other schools, usually they will have this programme for university students. However, in our school thinks that its very important to let our students having some job experiences, it can motivates them to finish their MYP and continue their DP study as well as focusing on what they need to pursue in the future.

In summary for Grade 10 Internship Programme so far:

Four committee members, 35 registered and placed students (all from Grade 10) and 8 companies with different area from advertising, engineering, network, economic, medical, psychology and IT. This working experience may gives each students a knowledge about working place, the environment, how to deal with companies job, etc. Hoping by this program, it will help them to plan their career path in the future.

We also have a Grade 11 Internship programme and this is spearheaded by one of our Business & Management / Economics teachers (Ms. Aisha Bibi). Last year, Ms.Aisha set up students with Sekuritas Mandiri for an entire week, and she will continue with similar this semester.


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