Tale of Three – Original Musical Play by BINUS SCHOOL Simprug Students

Tale of Three is a story about three tribes : Eurybia, tribe of the sea; Dotherion, tribe of the land; and Valkyrie. Valkyrie is the ruling tribe located in the high mountains, representatives of the sky tribe as they live amongst the clouds. The premise of the story is a civil war that happened 18 years ago betweenn both tribes below the mountains to secure dominance and power. Despite the efforts made by the royal family of Valkyrie to put an end to the war, the queen lost the king in the crossfire. In the present time, the queen remains the ruler of all three tribes, advised by a royal council with sinister intentions. But a deceitful system led by the council has been running for 18 years, and will take an unexpected turn as the now-mature prince of Valkyrie descends the mountains.

“Being a firsthand witness,I’ve seen them ignite with excitement each time their creativity is at play. I’ve also seen the struggles, challenges, pressures, stress, sacrifices and disagreements they experienced together. Rather than just give up, they faced every situation they encountered positively with laughter and most of all, the friendship they have built together.” -Mr.Patrick Carbonell,Production Supervisor-

” I would like to thank our number one supporter Mr.Patrick, for constantly believing in us, in seeing the light in all situations when sometimes all we see is the dark. Tale of Three is not only a musical, but it showcases how much drama itself is such an important part of our life, and how it shapes it as well.” – Christina Ericka Batara, Head of Production –

“Tale of Three holds a special place in my heart. Writing the story with our team made me believe that nothing is impossible. Our cast and crew have worked together to overcome the barriers that came in our way. It was difficult, and it took a toll on all of us. But for me, working on this production gave me the strength to go on even when i was at my lowest point.” – Gabriella Sinaga,Director –



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