The Melting Komodo created by BINUS SCHOOL Simprug student

The melted brown clay that wraps the komodo’s foots ilustrates that global warming is threatening our lives, and the earth is not the safest place to live anymore. The fact that komodo statue is melting shows us that the world becoming warmer and warmer throughout the years and its dangerous in the longrun, get even so, a young girl is still able to contribute to endless possibility for the future.

The Melting Komodo is a creation of a young – 18 years old high school student in BINUS SCHOOL Simprug as her contributuion to support educational development in Indonesia. Even though Indonesia is currently facing difficulties. she still has hopes for a better Indonesia and contributes by creating The Melting Komodo to represent that even on the brink of distinction and critical situation, there is always hope to fight for a better future.

Audrey Tampi is the youngest participant in ARTficial Intelligence.

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